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Introvert preparation for school leadership roles

This course is specifically designed for aspiring leaders who are on the 'introvert' spectrum, and is designed to build capacity and confidence for school leadership.


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Cultivating Leadership Imagination With Cognitive Tools

This course will transform participants’ understanding of what imagination is and does for leadership. Through imaginative pedagogy, individual inquiries and cooperative asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities, participants will be guided in employing cognitive tools in relation to their leadership work. We will focus on how imagination contributes to what is and what could be, the formation of ethical and equitable communities, and engagement and meaning-making.



Welcome Committee

This is our welcoming committee and EduSpark orientation 'course' - a great place to start your learning journey.

Andrew Victoria & Jen


Efficient, Joyful Word Study in Grades 3–8

This is an inquiry approach to grammar, vocabulary, and spelling instruction that "sticks!" If you’re one of the many who’ve been looking for ways to approach G3-G8 grammar, vocabulary, and spelling in joyful, efficient ways, this course is for you. 💗



Designing Schools

In this course you'll learn how to use design thinking strategies to provide individuals with the skillset and mindset to navigate change and create a culture of innovation at your school.


design thinking


Reducing teacher workload in mathematics

In this short course we look at the challenges of managing teacher workload. We share go to resources that can be adapted and customised and top tips for busy mathematics teachers.


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