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All Courses


An Introduction to UDL in the Science Classroom

This short course introduces the learner to the principles of Universal Design for Learning and it's application to the science classroom.


Learning Design


Working in a Child Centered Way

Is our practice truly child centered or do adults do things that make their life easier rather than on focus on the needs of the child? Sarah will discuss what are the benefits when we truly work in a child centered way and how we can do this.



The Inquiry Five Overview (five key strategies for every classroom)

Do you want to implement inquiry-based instruction, but you're not sure where to begin? Are you an experienced inquiry teacher but looking for new ideas to add to your toolkit? Join inquiry author and researcher, Kimberly Mitchell, as she outlines five key strategies called the "inquiry five" and walks you through a series of questions and reflections to start - and deepen - your inquiry practice. All grades and subjects!






Re-shaping Your Digital Wellness

This course is designed to help you make more informed decisions about your digital use, promoting health and wellness across different areas in your digital life. I'm here to help you learn more information and find tips about how you can develop a healthier relationship with technology in your professional and personal life.


Digital Wellness


Enabling Children to Behave Positively

Minor behaviour issues are part of normal child development; often these are embedded because of the ways that adults react. If we want children to behave in a positive way, we must enable them to do so. Join Sarah as she discusses how we can do this.


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