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The Five Keys to The Student Driven Classroom

Join Dene as he walks you through the 5 Keys to the Student Driven Classroom.



Medium 101: How to Start Writing With Success on Medium

Ideal for new edupreneurs, writers, freelancers, and authors looking to monetize their articles and further grow their reach online. ​ Here are a few of the concepts covered in this course: 1️⃣ Why Medium is the platform you need to be on if you are looking for some extra income outside of teaching. 2️⃣ What is needed to write with success on the platform to reach the largest Medium publications 3️⃣ How you can get noticed and start earning extra income for free on Medium tomorrow .....and more!



The Power Within Us As Educators, Unleash & Sustain

This course is an opportunity for you to look at, examine and investigate your unconscious racial biases, to think of your identities, positionality and how they inform your work and choices as an educator. This course offers you an opportunity to think of challenging and uncomfortable topics in a psychologically safe and empathetic environment. Moreover, you will have a chance to re-think and re-imagine the purpose of education and ultimately think of ways we can use our power, influence and positionality to transform education and help future leaders, our students to become compassionate, inclusive global citizens.



An Introduction to UDL in the Science Classroom

This short course introduces the learner to the principles of Universal Design for Learning and it's application to the science classroom.


Learning Design


How to Design Units That Engage Students and Advance Justice

3 Secrets to Creating Standards-Aligned, Student-Centered Curricula in a Sustainable Way



Read Alouds: Multiple Teaching Opportunities

In this course you’ll reflect on the power of daily teacher read alouds to develop a community of learners and boost students’ vocabulary and listening capacity.

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