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All Courses


Feedback Foundations

A short introductory course providing the foundations for understanding and delivering feedback to other adults.



UDL and Differentiation: Practical Ideas and Strategies

Join renowned global educational consultants and authors Tania Lattanzio and Dr. Jennifer Chang Wathall as they look at the connections between Universal Design for Learning and Differentiation.

Tania & Dr

Coming Soon

Stronger Together: Workshop and the PYP

Jump in with me to unravel the myths and harness the power of BOTH Workshop and the PYP.

Tonya & Nathan


Genius Matters

Not only do you have unique value, but you are able to inspire and help each of your students discover their unique value, contribution, and genius in this world.



Padlet for Education

Curious about using padlet to support your online/blended classroom or professional learning sessions? Learn how to use padlet and integrate it into your work with this brief course!



Designing Schools

In this course you'll learn how to use design thinking strategies to provide individuals with the skillset and mindset to navigate change and create a culture of innovation at your school.


design thinking

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