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EduSpark grows with you to meet your evolving needs and go above and beyond your expectations. We continue to add new courses, opportunities and value every day to both our Free and Pro accounts.


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Experience deep professional learning value through a diverse range of courses, presenters and learning learning designs to suit your needs

This is not the average, 'same format' course site you have seen elsewhere. At EduSpark, you will find course design and delivery diversity, some self-paced, some based on facilitated communities. We even have course designs that build in learner choice to grasp the concepts or go into deep learning. Personalise your own learning pathway with EduSpark.

Deep development and visible change for your learning time

Delivering on the promise of transformation is a team effort. We work with you and for you to transform your own learning experience and the learning of people all around you. Spend time where it makes the greatest impact. Use our data insights to inform your next steps in learning and engage with the highest quality learning around all in one easy to use place.

Build your professional learning network while you learn

Our learning communities go hand in hand with courses to help build and extend your professional learning networks (PLNs) as you go. Rather than PLNs that live in noisy social platforms, your networks here naturally link to learning design, opportunity and content and help you deliver on the promise of transformation.

Build an evidence based portfolio of learning

Build a portfolio of your own learning that shows your growth and development. In our extensive roadmap for development, a range of 'credentialing evidence of learning' will support you in satisfying school-based, district-based or ministry based learning accountability and build CPD hours for system requirements and teacher registration.

In Case you missed anything

  • EduSpark is a professional learning ecosystem for educators (Early Years to Grade 12) and their schools. The central design idea is to take participants from simply consuming content into taking action after learning to a place of transformation. The learning that comes from action is shared back with a community of co-learners, also interested in the same domain. This allows for deep, incremental learning whilst building a strong professional learning network (PLN) around a shared passion, interest or topic.

  • EduSpark is learning redefined! At EduSpark, we have the top leaders, teachers, consultants and experts from every corner of the globe to give you the highest quality of learning available in one place, all at an affordable price. Add to this, our unique community of practice concept, that develops informal, continued, sustained learning to continue personal and professional development in multiple avenues. For schools, districts, and Ministries, we provide the unique ability to build your own custom courses, gather data, use it to inform decision making and track progress, certification, evidence based portfolios and accreditation all in one easy to use platform! We are your one-stop shop for professional learning!

  • EduSpark is FREE and accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. By creating a FREE account, users get access to a large number of courses and communities as well as the ability to learn, connect and engage with other users. Our extremely low pro subscription provides a plethora of additional courses, open community access, data insights and much more.

  • EduSpark's Pro subscription provides you with unlimited access to all learning experiences in our platform. Our "all-you-can-learn" model lets you personalize your experience to engage from our extremely well resourced experts from all over the world with no barriers. You get access to data insights, live synchronous sessions, on-demand learning events and much more.

  • Schools use EduSpark to bring learning into one place. A place where their teachers, leaders and faculty can learn, develop and grow professionally, together and with thousands of other educators from every corner of the globe. We bring the best experts into your school to lead learning at an affordable price. We provide data analytics to inform learning, the ability to build evidence based portfolios, earn certificates and gain accreditation. Schools can even build their own custom courses and programs for their staff. Contact us for a FREE walkthrough and demo on how we can add value to your professional learning program at

  • We believe in our solution and we know you will as well. That is why we give you a 14-day money back guarantee. That means that if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we will give you your money back on request!

  • EduSpark is THE global platform for teacher and leader professional learning. We love to amplify voices to the world. We bring together a diverse range of courses to support the needs of all educators. If you are interested in sharing your voice to the world, contact us today by contacting our lead instructional designer,

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