The Four Colours of an Agile Mind


The Four Colours of an Agile Mind



Agility of Mind: a learner centred collaborative approach with small actionable steps to adapt to this world of change.

Course Content

    • A little bit of you and me

    • A compass map

    • What is learning agility ?

    • The Agility of Mind approach

    • Diving into the 5C's

    • Assessment tool

    • What is engagement for your learners ?

    • Engagement ....

    • Activity: Find an engagement metaphor

    • The 4 colors of your Agile Mind

    • The 4 colors approach

    • The behavioral Agile Mind

    • The learning Agile Mind

    • Remove obstacles

    • Active Listening

    • A triangle to engage through dialogue

    • Active listening in a nutshell

    • Learned helplessness

    • E.motion

    • A whisperer as facilitator

    • The power of questioning

    • Feedback as feedforward

    • Learning phases in the agile world

    • Iterative learning

    • Some capsules in colours

    • A possible group learning session in colours

    • Learning how to learn "gestures"

    • Attention process

    • Memorisation process

    • Comprehenion process

    • Reflection process

    • Imagination ...

    • Observation grid

    • Attention: in and out

    • Boost memorization

    • Facilitate comprehension

    • Stimulate reflection

    • Liberate the imagination

    • 4Colors approach

    • A sustainable ecosystem

    • Multiply interactions

    • When communication stops ...

    • The 4Colors communication

    • The 5C's and a closing moment

    • Keep the momentum going

  • Meet the course producers

    Sophie Le Dorner

    I am Sophie Le Dorner, a passionate learning facilitator, practitioner and speaker for different type of organizations. I support national and international educational organizations with an integrative approach to inquiry. Together we build awareness to thinking, feeling and behaviour in connection to learning and change. I have worked in different countries worldwide cultivating a love for learning and embracing an agile and a mindful approach at school, at work and at home. My vision is to create a movement of learning at large, developing an ecosystem of learner leaders and supporters of learning through an Agility of Mind.

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