Feedback Foundations


Feedback Foundations


A short introductory course providing the foundations for understanding and delivering feedback to other adults.

Course Content

    • Introducing This Course

    • Exploring Problems With Feedback

    • Feedback Reception Issues

    • The Power and Purpose of Feedback

    • Feedback Success Principles

    • Time for your reflections

    • Starting with what not to do

    • Introducing The Conversation Toolkit Concept

    • Listening is Central

    • The Message is Key

    • End All Of Your Feedback With This!

    • Put Them In The Picture: Frames

    • Build Trust and Commitment with Check-Ins

    • Managing Unhelpful Emotions (Yours or Theirs)

    • Exploring How Shari Harley Delivers Strong Feedback

    • What more would you like to know?

    • Download the Feedback Planning Guide PDF

    • Course Rating (for impact) and Feedback Form

  • Meet the course producers

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