Genius Matters


Genius Matters



Not only do you have unique value, but you are able to inspire and help each of your students discover their unique value, contribution, and genius in this world.

Course Content

    • Genius Matters: Course Overview

    • About Angela Maiers

    • Your Leadership Challenge

    • We Want to Learn About You!

    • Where Are You Implementing Genius Matters?

    • Digital Handshake

    • Let's Review the Details

    • Module Overview: Uncovering Your Genius

    • Accepting the Genius Challenge

    • The Word "Genius"

    • An Example of My Full Self

    • Discussion: My Full Self List

    • Reflection: My Full Self

    • Leadership Challenge #1

    • Uncovering Your Genius: Part 1

    • Module Overview: Uncovering Your Genius (Part 2)

    • Filling in the Blank

    • Give Me 10!

    • Discussion: What Is Your One Word?

    • Reflection: Give Me 10!

    • Closing Thought

    • Leadership Challenge #2

    • Uncovering Your Genius: Part 2

    • Module Overview: Genius in Your Presence

    • Being Mindful of Your Surroundings

    • Genius Everyday

    • Noticing Notebooks

    • Discussion: Building on Our Surroundings

    • Reflection: Noticing Notebooks

    • Leadership Challenge #3

    • Noticing Your Notebook

    • Module Overview: Creating Your Personal Brand Statement

    • Creating a Personal Brand Statement

    • Reviewing Brands

    • Discussion: Creating a Personal Brand

    • Reflection: Creating Your Personal Brand

    • Leadership Challenge #4

    • Creating a Personal Brand Statement

    • Module Overview: Who's on Your Dream Team?

    • Intro and Background to Your Dream Team

    • Your Dream Team Members

    • Discussion: Developing a Dream Team

    • Reflection: Creating Your Dream Team

    • Leadership Challenge #5

    • Creating Dream Teams

    • Module Overview: Mapping Your Heartbreak

    • What Breaks Your Heart?

    • Let's Review an Example!

    • Discussion: Mapping Your Heartbreak in Action

    • Reflection: Mapping Your Heartbreak

    • Leadership Challenge #6

    • Mapping Your Heartbreak

    • Congratulations!

    • Course Rating (for impact) and Feedback Form

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