Having Hard Conversations: Finding Your Voice


Having Hard Conversations: Finding Your Voice


Join this course to complete a guided book study of Having Hard Conversations by Jennifer Abrams. Jennifer guides you through the book chapter by chapter sharing insights and guidance.

Course Content

    • Welcome From Jennifer

    • Getting Started Discussion Questions

    • Chapter 1

    • Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

    • Chapter 2

    • Chapter 2 Discussion Questions

    • Chapter 3

    • Chapter 3 Discussion Questions

    • Chapter 4

    • Chapter 4 Discussion Questions

    • Chapter 5

    • Chapter 5 Discussion Questions

    • Chapter 6

    • Chapter 6 Discussion Questions

    • Chapters 7 and 8

    • Chapters 7 and 8 Discussion Questions

    • What's Next?

    • Course Rating (For Impact) And Feedback Form

  • Meet the course producers


    What Are Hard Conversations and Why Should We Have Them?

    Why We Hesitate Having Hard Conversations

    Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having the Hard Conversation

    What’s the Real Problem?: Finding the Professional Language to Name It

    Making a Plan for the Hard Conversation

    Scripting Your Initial Comments

    The Whats, Wheres, and Whens of Having the Hard Conversation

    What Ifs? Other Types of Hard Conversations

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