Inclusive Teaching Assistant Training


Inclusive Teaching Assistant Training


The use of teaching assistants has increased 50 times over the last 50 years, yet training for assistants lags behind. This course is laid out to give current and future Learning Support teaching assistants a strong basis to be more successful in their work.

Course Content

    • Welcome Video

    • Script for the Intro Video

    • The History of Special Education - where have we come from?

    • Self-contained, pull-out, and inclusion, Oh My!

    • Introduction to Integration vs. Inclusion

    • Integration vs. Inclusion with Shelley Moore - HOMEWORK

    • Scripts for this Module

    • Common diagnosis pathways

    • Script for Common Diagnoses Video

    • ADHD

    • Dyslexia

    • Dysgraphia

    • Dyscalculia

    • Autism

    • Auditory & Language Processing Disorders

    • Executive Functioning Disorder

    • Document notes on Expert Videos

    • Teacher Interview - HOMEWORK

    • Data Collection

    • Confidentiality

    • Scripts for this Module

    • Dr Ross Greene

    • Lagging Skills Framework - Video

    • Role Play Intro

    • Role Play Video - HOMEWORK

    • Scripts for Videos in this Module

    • Lagging Skills Infographic

    • Positive Transitions and Routines

    • Resources to accompany this module - Homework

    • Script for Video

    • What does the Research Say?

    • Tips and Tricks for Promoting Social Skills and Friendships

    • Scripts for Videos

    • Types of Support - HOMEWORK

    • Strategies in the Classroom

    • Strategies in the Classroom - PowerPoint Slides

    • References to support the course

    • Want to Continue the Conversation?

    • Course Rating (for impact) and Feedback Form

  • Meet the course producers


    Inclusion History & Evolution

    Overview of Commonly Diagnosed Disabilities

    Data Collection & Observations

    Challenging Behavior

    Strategies in the Classroom

    Promoting Friendships & Social Interactions

    Promoting Positive Transitions & Routines

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