MISO Method of Action Research: Engaging Students in Dynamic Learning



MISO Method of Action Research: Engaging Students in Dynamic Learning



Students often think that research equals a Google search. As educators, we know that this is shallow, bit often don't have the framework to take research authentically deeper. MISO is the answer to this problem!

Course Content

    • Introducing MISO

    • A conversation exploring MISO

    • A MISO Padlet Exploration

    • Action Research Guide Using MISO

    • Unpacking the Four MISO Methods - An Introduction

    • MISO Unpacked - an explorative discussion

    • MISO Unpacked - Call to Learning Action

    • Activity: Choose one method less used

    • How to integrate MISO into everyday teaching

    • Create an artefact from your own meaning-making process

    • Downloadable MISO Guide

    • Podcasts to listen to

    • Using the MISO Method of Action Research

    • Course Rating (for impact) and Feedback Form

  • Meet the course producers

    Cathrine Berger Kaye

    Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A., is an international service learning and education consultant and a former classroom teacher. She presents at conferences around the world and works with state departments of education, university faculty and students, school districts, and classroom teachers on a variety of education issues such as service learning, civic responsibility, student leadership, and respectful school communities. Cathryn lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Barry, and frequently visits her daughters, Ariel and Devora.

    Shei Ascencio

    Shei Ascencio describes herself as an international educator, learner, consultant, workshop leader, online facilitator, and at heart mum, partner, friend, traveler and foodie. Shei comes from Mexico with almost two decades of experience living and working in Africa, Asia and North America. Shei recently relocated to Canada after several years of living in Luanda, Angola and teaching at the Luanda International School (LIS).

    LeeAnne Lavender

    Digital storyteller. Poet. Coach. Facilitator. Mentor. Curriculum designer. These are some of the hats I wear as a service learning and global citizenship educator. ​I am excited to partner with educators worldwide to create powerful learning experiences for students, equipping young people to be changemakers , critical thinkers and empowered leaders.

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