Model Smashing


Model Smashing


Explore a range of different models, and the way they interact, towards learning and development.

Course Content

    • Why Do This?

    • Some models to get you started

    • Gamestorming's central model versus the EduSpark model

    • Two Learning Models: Gamestorming vs Community of Practice

    • Working Memory

    • Make Sense - Meaning - Impact Model of Learning

    • The Importance of Emotions (Positive AND Negative) in Deep Learning

    • The Agent - Arena Model

    • SCARF - Status Certainty Autonomy Relatedness and Fairness

    • Exploring 2X2 Matrices

    • Cognitive Load Theory

      • Approval, Expertise and Being Right - 3 things that erode your leadership

    • Meet the course producers


      Learn a range of impactful mental models

      Co-learner contributions sought

      Build new understanding of the world around you

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