Getting Started with PBL in the Math Classroom


Getting Started with PBL in the Math Classroom



This course is designed to accompany their 3 book series entitled "Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom."

Course Content

    • Welcome From Chris and Telannia

    • Why PBL Explained.

    • Why PBL and Why PBL in the Math Classroom

    • Overview of This Module

    • Components That Lead to an Inquiry Based Classroom.

    • Selecting Standards That Will Work

    • A Discussion About Tasks and PBL

    • Thinking and Planning Needed to Create an Inquiry Task or Project

    • Create a Plan

    • Course Rating (For Impact) And Feedback Form

  • Meet the course producers

    Telannia Norfar

    Telannia Norfar is a mathematics teacher at a public high school in Oklahoma City, OK. She has taught all high school courses including AP Calculus AB since 2005. She has served as department chair and team lead for the 9th grade academy. She has used project-based learning as a core strategy in her classroom since she started teaching.

    Chris Fancher

    Chris Fancher is an education consultant and former math and IB Design teacher from Round Rock, TX. He has taught every math course, from pre-algebra to calculus, as well as IB MYP Design and IB MYP Math (Year 5) in more than 25 years of public education.

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