The Skill of Happiness


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The Skill of Happiness



Dr Gihan Jayaweera or 'Dr G', an Australian based doctor who brings a refreshing, relevant and highly practical approach to educator wellbeing.

Course Content

    • Meet Dr G!

    • What is happiness?

    • What is happiness - Your Turn!

    • Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

    • Put your oxygen mask on first - Commit!

    • Listen to Dr G on our first Spark Sessions podcast!

    • Goal Setting

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Goal Setting

    • Start Ridiculously Small, Yes MAM

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Start Ridiculously Small, Yes MAM

    • The 3650 Rule - Why Consistency Trumps Intensity

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - 3650 Rule

    • Understanding Habit Loops - Cue, Routine, Reward and Cravings

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Habit Loops

    • Mastering the Cue

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Mastering the Cue

    • Mastering the Reward

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Mastering the Reward

    • The CBT Model

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - CBT Model

    • Summarising the Foundational Concepts

    • Gratitude (Think/Do) Part 1

    • Gratitude (Think/Do) Part 2

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Gratitude (Think/Do)

    • Control (Think/Do) Part 1

    • Control (Think/Do) Part 2

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Control (Think/Do)

    • Movement (Do)

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Movement (Do)

    • Cultivate Silence (Do) Part 1

    • Cultivate Silence (Do) Part 2

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Cultivate Silence (Do)

    • The end or the start of something beautiful?

    • Final Thoughts from Dr G

    • Course Rating (for impact) and Feedback Form

  • Meet the course producers

    Gihan Jayaweera

    What if something was done 20 years ago?” The answer to this question is the Atomic Wellbeing School Program.It all started in October, 2017 with one “Dr Gihan” health presentation at my old primary school. It changed the trajectory of my whole life.





    Mental health

    Learn the skill and the 'doing' of happiness

    Work with a Medical Doctor and learn the craft of doing happy

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