The Skill of Happiness


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The Skill of Happiness


Dr Gihan Jayaweera or 'Dr G', an Australian based doctor who brings a refreshing, relevant and highly practical approach to educator wellbeing.

Course Content

    • Meet Dr G!

    • What is happiness?

    • What is happiness - Your Turn!

    • Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

    • Put your oxygen mask on first - Commit!

    • Listen to Dr G on our first Spark Sessions podcast!

    • Goal Setting

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Goal Setting

    • Start Ridiculously Small, Yes MAM

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Start Ridiculously Small, Yes MAM

    • The 3650 Rule - Why Consistency Trumps Intensity

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - 3650 Rule

    • Understanding Habit Loops - Cue, Routine, Reward and Cravings

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Habit Loops

    • Mastering the Cue

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Mastering the Cue

    • Mastering the Reward

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Mastering the Reward

    • The CBT Model

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - CBT Model

    • Summarising the Foundational Concepts

    • Gratitude (Think/Do) Part 1

    • Gratitude (Think/Do) Part 2

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Gratitude (Think/Do)

    • Control (Think/Do) Part 1

    • Control (Think/Do) Part 2

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Control (Think/Do)

    • Movement (Do)

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Movement (Do)

    • Cultivate Silence (Do) Part 1

    • Cultivate Silence (Do) Part 2

    • MAKE IT A SKILL - Cultivate Silence (Do)

    • The end or the start of something beautiful?

    • Final Thoughts from Dr G

    • Course Rating (for impact) and Feedback Form

  • Meet the course producers





    Mental health

    Learn the skill and the 'doing' of happiness

    Work with a Medical Doctor and learn the craft of doing happy

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